Locked Out Of Home Car Business

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Locked Out Of Home Car Business

Locked out of your car or home in Long Island? Call Your Long Island Locksmith

Along with being locked out of your home, car or place of business on Long Island, nothing is as frustrating and stressful as being locked out of or being unable to start your car because of a lost, stolen or broken key. When this occurs away from your home, or worse, in an area that you are unfamiliar with, and the stress and anxiety can be measured on the Richter scale!

In situations like this, it is good to know that you have a responsive Long Island locksmith who is an expert in car and truck lock, trunk and ignition issues. If that same car locksmith is available in Nassau & Suffolk County, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year including holidays it is even better. If they can reach you regardless of where you are on Long Island in 60 minutes or less, you have a true find on your hands. And if they can create keys for practically every vehicle on the roads today, including the luxury vehicles that use special chip-keys, you don’t just have great. You have Car Key King.

We know what kind of an emotional rollercoaster ride that having issues with getting into your car or starting your car, especially away from home, can be. Our technicians and their families have had it happen on occasion and we know what you are going through. That is why we want to assure you that when the need arises and you require prompt, immediate emergency help, we are here to help. You can contact us by phone (no automated call answering service, you talk with a person) and let us know where you are, what the situation is, the make/model/year of your vehicle and your cell number and we will have a technician on the road and to you in 60 minutes or less, fully prepared to help.

A Quick Note on Chip Keys and duplcate keys

As more and more people are driving BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, and other luxury vehicles that use chip-key technology, the process of replacing a chip-key can be expensive. When you are stuck somewhere and you have lost a chip-key, the likelihood that your car dealership will send someone to you with a replacement key at any time of the day or night are very slim.

And the costs can be exorbitant. We at Car Key King have the ability to duplicate chip-keys for most luxury vehicles and we can do so in an emergency situation. We will come to you and the combined cost of the chip-key and service call will be comparable to the cost of just the key from your dealership and we will come to you.


Car Key King can help you if you’ve lost all of your car keys. We will arrive promptly and originate a new set of keys!

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Whether you have 1 car or 50 cars, Car Key King can handle all your duplicate key needs on the spot at a reasonable price!

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As a professional automotive locksmith service, Car Key King can handle all of your ignition repair and replacement needs!

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Car Key King is always on call for your emergency locksmith needs. Locked out of your car or trunk? Call us 24/7/365

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