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Car Key King is the Bronx automotive locksmith to call when you need an efficient, professional, and affordable solution to your auto lock or key problem. We provide a wide array of superior auto locksmith services using state of the art equipment. We work on all types of vehicles both domestic and foreign. Regardless of the model, make, or year of your vehicle, call us and we will be glad to provide our auto locksmith solution. Our services cover trucks, personal cars, vans, caravans, buses, and motorcycles. Simply call us with details of your location and the kind of assistance that you need and we will help you.

Forensic Auto Locksmith Service

When somebody breaks into your vehicle, you might not know what to do or how to respond to the problem. Fortunately, Car Key King can help you. Our forensic auto locksmith is offered by certified professionals that can work with your auto insurance adjuster. These will help you in resolving the claim faster so that you can go back to your schedule.

Essentially, our forensic auto locksmith service entails determining whether the lock of your vehicle has been interfered with. We use specialized techniques to investigate the interior and exterior of your car locks in order to gather sufficient evidence.

Ignition Repair and Replacement

The ignition of your vehicle is more complicated than you might think. There are discs or pins in the ignition that fit in grooves of its key. This allows the ignition to start your car when turned. If the ignition’s pin or key’s cuts fail to match, the car won’t start. Even worse, the ignition can be damaged.

What’s more, you may need help of a Bronx automotive locksmith if the ignition becomes worn out. Even the keys of your car can wear out over time and fail to serve their purpose. Replacing the ignition or the keys might not solve the problem. That’s because a new ignition may fail to work with your worn keys and new keys may not work with the worn ignition. That’s why you should have an experienced auto locksmith have a look at your vehicle carefully to recommend the best solution.

At Car Key King, we have experienced locksmiths that have been solving the problem of worn ignition and worn car keys for years. We can repair or replace the ignition of your vehicle if necessary. Simply call us and we will dispatch our auto locksmith in Bronx to have a look at your vehicle and provide a lasting solution to the problem.

Automotive Keys Services

We offer a wide range of auto key services in Bronx. Our services cover both transponder and non-transponder keys. Transponder keys are also called chipped keys. These are very common in the vehicles that were produced in the 2000s. Transponder keys come with a computer chip that interacts with the on-board computer system of the vehicle. They should be cut accurately and programmed using a computer to work. Car Key King makes transponder keys in an hour. Thus, you don’t have to leave us your vehicle for a day or two when you need a transponder key. What’s more, we can make transponder keys for you when stuck somewhere just because you damaged or can’t find your transponder keys.

Non-transponder keys are also called regular keys. These are common among heavy-hauling vehicles and older vehicles. Non-transponder keys do not need programming to work. However, they should be fitted in the vehicle’s ignition using the impressioning technique. If your vehicle uses non-transponder keys and you need a replacement, call us and we will help you.

Overall, our automotive keys locksmith services include:

Affordable Bronx Automotive Locksmith Services

We charge the most reasonable fees for our automotive locksmith services in Bronx. We know that problems with the locks and keys of your vehicle can happen when you don’t expect it. However, this is not a reason to try to fix the problem yourself. Trying to retrieve a key that is broken in the ignition for instance will damage the ignition. Similarly, you will damage the lock on the door of your vehicle when you try to repair it yourself when damaged. That’s why you should leave this task to us.

We have experienced auto locksmiths in Bronx that will fix any problem with your car lock and keys safely and professionally. Even when you call us to help with a car lockout, trust us to do it without damaging the locks, windows and doors of your vehicle. What’s more, you spend a little amount of money compared to the cost of fixing the damage that you may cause if you try to do the job yourself.

Our auto locksmiths in Bronx are friendly and professional. We understand your predicament and frustration when you call us seeking help with a car lockout or any other issue. Therefore, we focus on taking the stress from you by handling the situation in a speedy and professional manner. Be assured that you won’t be kept waiting for our technicians to arrive at your location once you engage our mobile auto locksmith service. In fact, our team will arrive within minutes with a fully loaded service truck ready to serve you.

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Car Key King can help you if you’ve lost all of your car keys. We will arrive promptly and originate a new set of keys!


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Car Key King is always on call for your emergency locksmith needs. Locked out of your car or trunk? Call us 24/7/365

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