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Beating the Burglars Year Round

Recently the chief of the New Canaan Police Department in Connecticut published an article in one of the local newspapers about how to beat burglars in the summer. While we appreciate his enthusiasm and expertise, we are wondering why he is not offering advice for year round. So, we decided to go him one better and offer our own advice for year round safety.

Long Island Alarm Systems Installation

The ones that the New Canaan Police Chief offered and that we agree with are do not leave your keys lying around where anyone has access to them, especially spare sets that are for emergencies. Lock all the doors and windows when you are away from home is another excellent and obvious one. We would add to that that you should try to keep the shrubs trimmed and maintained if they provide cover near windows that provide easy access. Burglars do not like working in full view of everyone and they cannot know who is watching. Long Island alarm system installation company can help you today with repairs, configuration and maintenance.

Another set of suggestions we would have are ones that are not as obvious but just as helpful if not more so. First, have your window and door security audited by a professional. What seems secure to you may not be and by having an expert look you may learn of risks that you did not know exist. Next, ensure that your neighbors are aware when you will be away for extended periods of time. Ask them to collect your mail and watch for package deliveries. Their heightened sense of diligence will ensure that strange behavior will be spotted and reported.

Consider installing enhanced safety features, especially if you have a large number of valuables. Among these enhanced security features would be installing high-security locks, master keying the entire home and possibly having a CCTV system installed. The latest technology CCTV systems utilized hi-def, micro cameras that can connect to your desktop wirelessly so that all video is captured and also so that you can monitor your home via the internet while away.
What it all boils down to is that you need to do everything you can to protect your valuables and loved ones year round. This is especially true in the fall and winter months when the days are shorter and the cloak of darkness more prevalent. When it comes to alarm repairs, safety and security is not just a summer thing, it is an all year thing.


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