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One of the realities of life is that occasionally you forget, lose or break something that causes aggravations and disrupts your day and the day of those around you. The most aggravating of all is getting locked out of your car, home or place of business because you forgot, lost or even broke your keys. We have all forgotten our keys…in the ignition after exiting the car and locking the door or on the countertop after walking out of the house or left the office keys at home and not realizing it until you get to work. Lost keys are another matter because on top of the inconvenience you will question whether you really lost them or if they were stolen. Broken keys are probably the most frustrating situation as not only is the broken key useless but if it broke in the lock then someone else’s key is useless also. For all of these cases, Car Key King can help.


Car Key King can help you if you’ve lost all of your car keys. We will arrive promptly and originate a new set of keys!

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Whether you have 1 car or 50 cars, Car Key King can handle all your duplicate key needs on the spot at a reasonable price!

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As a professional automotive locksmith service, Car Key King can handle all of your ignition repair and replacement needs!

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Car Key King is always on call for your emergency locksmith needs. Locked out of your car or trunk? Call us 24/7/365

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