Security for your home, car, or even business can be a complicated issue no matter where you live. You have to protect yourself and your family or employees, and you also need to safeguard against future incidents if one has already occurred. But many people don’t even know exactly when they should call a locksmith and may go without the repairs they need for their building’s or vehicle’s locks.

What are some signs that you need lock repair for your home or car? Here are three such incidents that can lead to calling for a locksmith:

If you’ve had a lock break:
Whether a key snapped off in your front door lock or the tumblers in the lock simply don’t operate, lock repair is likely the answer for you. Sometimes keys can break, especially if they are old, so it’s crucial to contact local locksmith services as soon as you possible can. Additionally, other locks break down over time or if there’s been some kind of stress on the internal mechanisms. Attempting to fix the problem yourself may only involve more frustration, so make sure you call a professional to repair your door’s lock. In the case of car key remotes, you can also contact a locksmith to replace the battery or perform repairs.

If you’ve had your home or car broken into:
Unfortunately, home burglary is a reality for many Americans — no matter where they happen to live. In 2006, for example, residential burglaries accounted for 66% of all break-ins, and 63% of those took place during the day. On average, this works out to about one home invasion every 13 seconds, about 95% of which involve some type of force for thieves to gain entry into a home. Additionally, cars can also get broken into, especially if they are lacking in modern security features. No matter what type of break-in you’ve encountered, make sure to make things right with a qualified lock repair specialist. A locksmith not only can complete repairs but may also give you advice on preventing future break-ins.

If you’ve lost your keys:
No matter which type of lock you can no longer access — whether it’s home or auto — you can call for lock repair services if you lose your keys. In some cases, a locksmith can create a new set of keys for you. If you’ve lost your car keys and don’t want to order new ones from the manufacturer — or if you can’t because they are no longer produced — then a locksmith can often create one for you. This service may even include reproducing car key chips, so you can safely open and lock your car doors using a remote.

Need more advice on when to call a locksmith? Get in contact with us if you have any questions. Don’t leave yourself and others vulnerable — make sure to call for lock repair and key replacement as soon as you need it!

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