Two parents from Berkshire, England who remain unnamed undoubtedly wish they had access to local locksmith services around-the-clock, just like we do on this side of the pond. The duo waited outside of their home for over an hour after their one-year-old child locked them out. Somehow, the tiny tot leaned up against the door, ultimately locking it and trapping his mother and father outside. “Firefighters carefully removed the glass pane from a window and helped the concerned parents back inside to their young child,” The Reading Chronicle reports. “We were there for about an hour but you could see him through the patio doors and the little boy seemed happy.”

The Case For A Locksmith
The incident in Berkshire, England proves that these things can — and will — happen. Having access to 24 hour lock out services can go a long way to giving you a peace of mind. While babies and toddlers don’t lock their parents out of the house too often, people lock themselves out of their homes and cars all the time. Drivers have also accidentally locked young children and pets in their cars, and sometimes on dangerously hot and humid days. Local locksmiths, including auto locksmiths, can generally correct the situation at any time of day — and they can do it quickly and at a relatively low cost. (It is much cheaper to have an extra key made ASAP than it is to replace a pane in a glass window, like the U.K. baby’s parents will have to do.)

Is It Really Necessary?
You may be of the mind that it cannot and will not happen to you. Unfortunately, that’s just not true. Losing keys is much more common than you’d think. Every day, the average person will misplace up to nine objects. Over one-quarter (26%) have lost car keys, and more than 4 million U.S. drivers locked themselves out of their vehicles in 2012.

Don’t underestimate the value of your local locksmith. Accidents happen, and it is best to be prepared when they do.

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