We’ve all done it at some point in our lives. Whether you are running out of the house because you are late for work or you just have a thousand things on your mind, you leave the house, slam the door and then wonder, “Where are my house keys?” Sometimes you may not even realize that you don’t have your house keys until you return later that day or even late at night. But one thing is for sure – you are locked out! So what do you do now?

Initially, remain calm. While this unforeseen circumstance is certainly an inconvenience, it may cause panic and anxiety for some people – especially if they are alone at and it happens at night. In this day in age the cell phone can surely offer some solace, if not for getting you into your house, at least it allow you to call for assistance – whether it be from a friend or a professional locksmith.

If you were smart enough to prepare for the possibility that this day might come, perhaps you gave a spare key to a trusted neighbor or friend. Maybe you hid a spare key under the door mat. If that’s the case, the solution is as simple as getting the key. If you are renting an apartment or house, try getting in touch with your landlord or the manager of the apartment complex, who will usually have a cop of your key. If you are unsuccessful in getting a spare key, there are a few other options to try before contacting a professional to get you back inside.

First, look for an unlocked window (on the first floor of course). While we should always keep all our windows locked at all times, once in a while, we may forget and this moment of forgetfulness may turn onto a lucky opportunity for you. If you do find an unlocked window that is big enough (and safe enough) to crawl through – this is the perfect entry point to your home.

Try a credit card. While this old fashioned method will not work on doors with dead bolts, it may work on a door knob with a spring bolt. To begin, insert the card between the frame and the door at the point where the latch is located. Hold the card perpendicular to the door and start pushing and wiggling the card. While you push, start bending the card away from the doorknob in an attempt to slide the latch back and away from the door jam. Try pushing your weight against the door while you bend the card. By the way, while it may be very convenient in the moment; if this method works you might want to consider upgrading your door locks as you just found out how easy it is to break into your home! Visit Consumer Reports for additional ways to protect your home.

If all of these methods fail and you are still locked out of your home, it is now time to call a professional locksmith like Car Key King. Car Key King offers residential and commercial locksmith services to customers throughout Long Island. They can help you get back into your home or vehicle quickly and can also create duplicate keys. They offer 24 hour emergency service so they are available to assist you at any time. If you are locked out of your home, call Car Key King first at 516-243-7479.

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