There is a break-in in the U.S. about once every 13 seconds — and, with such a large volume of intrusions and forced entries, it makes sense that some of them may not be what you expect. When water flooded into Rhode Island resident Nancy Page’s bathroom, Page assumed a pipe had burst in her home. The true cause of the gushing water was an unlikely intruder: a wild turkey. The turkey broke the window, flew inside and apparently did considerable damage in the process.

Unfortunately, most of the time, a broken window or a broken lock and a home intrusion does not involve a relatively innocent animal. Here are a few ways to secure your home:

Properly Secure Windows
Residential burglaries are fairly popular (accounting for 66% of all break-ins), and over half (63%) occur in broad daylight. How can Americans keep their homes and possessions safe? First and foremost, lock windows when you are not home. Second, certain materials — such as tempered glass and safety glass — will typically hold up well against attempts to shatter them. Avoid unlikely run-ins from wildlife and birds by opening blinds or drapes just part of the way to let sunlight in.

Burglar-Proof Front, Side, And Back Doors
There are varying degrees of inefficient doors. It may entail a door with a lock that doesn’t work, a door with a lock that is relatively easy to get around, or even a locked deadbolt with a key hidden somewhere nearby; when it comes down to it, all of these things can pose hazards. To keep homes as safe as possible, don’t hide a spare key in obvious places near the door. Remember, local locksmith services or lock out services have surprisingly flexible hours — and they can often produce a new key within just a few minutes. Call local locksmiths or lock repair services if your door opens with just a little force, or if you want to replace a traditional lock with something more reliable, like a deadbolt.

In nearly all cases, an intruder won’t mean a confused wild turkey. Take your safety into your hands by reinforcing windows and doors with quality materials and locks.

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